Current Wine Selection

Available Now

    • ’18 Sauvignon Blanc (available now)
    • ’18 Pinot Gris (available now)
    • ’18 Cabernet Franc Rosé (available now)
    • ’17 Riesling (available now)
    • ’16 Cabernet Sauvignon (available now)
    • ’16 Malbec (available now)
    • ’16 Red Blend (available now)
    • ’16 Cab Franc (available now)

Currently these wines are available for purchase at:

For ease of purchase, encourage your local wine store to carry it for you!

Label designed by Ann Harman and Kathy Benson to showcase the vineyard and location on Lake Roosevelt. The lake aides in producing dry and hot summers followed by a longer than average growing season for the region.This label is a tribute to the family land and the beautiful place we are able to live, raise a family, and farm.

FVVLabel no wine designation