Hay for Sale


Hay currently available for sale at the Vineyard is shown below. We have some bales and are currently baling–if you have any requests, please let us know.

Year Type Cutting Bale Size Tons Available Quality Price
2019 Alfalfa 1 900lb 5X4 Round SOLD
2019 Alfalfa 1 95lb 2-String Squares 20 Fair $180
2019 Alfalfa 2 5X4 Round SOLD
2019 Alfalfa 2 2-String Squares SOLD
2019 Alfalfa 3 5X4 Round SOLD
2019 Alfalfa 3 2-String Squares 50 Good $250

We have a grapple machine that will load you up 10 bales at a time if you have a flatbed truck or trailer. You only have to do the unloading! Delivery can be arranged.

Please contact us at Fruitland Valley Vineyard (5226 Lantzy Road, Hunters, WA 99137) at (509)-722-3675 or fruitlandvalleyvineyard@hotmail.com. Discounts apply for large orders.

Interested in staying updated about our future hay seasons? Email us and ask to be put on our hay mailing list!