Employment & Internships

We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming growing season.

Minimum Experience Required: Enrollment in Viticulture or other Agriculture related program.

Responsibilities at the vineyard include training vines, thinning leaves and grape clusters, harvesting grapes and more depending on the time of your visit and length of your internship.

During your stay here at Fruitland Valley Vineyard, you will be provided with housing and three farm fresh meals each day. We have an on-site vineyard cabin with a full size futon and basic essentials provided. If you prefer to camp, we also have several campsites available that overlook the Columbia River.


The length of your internship is negotiable. We are willing to be flexible regarding scheduling and can provide transportation to and from the farm when possible.

Feel free to contact us for further inquiries.
Send resume to: fruitlandvalleyvineyard@hotmail.com